Sunday, May 7, 2017

Location of the Cell Tower

Kerr is known for sure to have been in the area around the Cell Tower shown in the video below around 8:15 pm the night Jaliek disappeared. This was proven by phone records Police subpoenaed.

Kerr left Red Robin Restaurant in Latham, NY around 6:45 pm with Jaliek. Jaliek was never seen again.

A Police Officer told Jaliek's grandmother that the cell tower Kerr's phone pinged is in the area of a "notorious dumping spot for bodies" located right next to the Hudson River. 

The cell tower Kerr's phone pinged was not on the route Kerr told police he drove home with Jaliek that night in the Gold Chrysler Van. Police Chief George Bell stated in the article below that "He was nowhere near the route he told us he took home."



The Article below is a timeline by Jaliek's grandmother Barbara Reeley of what happened immediately following his disappearance.  

Article - Jaliek Rainwalker